Ines Cudna Tanning Huge Perfect Tits

October 15th, 2008

Ines Cuda\'s amazing perfect tits

Summer is gone for those in the United States, so I thought I’d post a set of perfect tits in a skimpy bikini to tease you :) This hottie is Ines Cudna is she sporting some amazing huge natural tits or what? I think she looks amazing in that string bikini. Tell me that she doesn’t turn every head at the beach! Married or not a dude is going to look… Thank god I’m not married and can do more then look! lol

These pictures of Ines Cudna are the latest update at DDF. There you can check out her full set and high quality video of those perfect tits of hers in motion.

Ines Cuda\'s amazing perfect titsInes Cuda\'s amazing perfect tits

Ines Cuda\'s amazing perfect titsInes Cuda\'s amazing perfect tits

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Huge All Natural Perfect Tits

September 23rd, 2008

Tyra Moore huge perfect tits

Tyra Moore is one of the most sought after black porn stars. Her huge all natural perfect tits measure larger than Double D’s although thats the size she claims they are… But almost more amazing then those all natural breasts of hers is that she stands over 6 feet tall! That’s a lot of women and would make that perfect rack of hers right at eye level for me!! lol… At six feet her already slender body looks even more slender and then you got these enormous natural tits that just defy the laws of nature! I love the pictures of her bent over the most! Seeing those huge knockers just hanging there… and especially when she starts to sway them back and forth!! One of my favorite ways to enjoy huge natural tits! You just don’t get the swaying motion with silicone ;)

If you like these pictures click here, where you can find Tyra’s video

Tyra Moore huge perfect titsTyra Moore huge perfect tits 3Tyra Moore huge perfect tits 4Tyra Moore huge perfect tits

Tyra started in the business in 2006 shortly after her eighteenth birthday. And Huge Boobs Galore paid her the big bucks to perform in all her glory for you guys! Her scene with them is top notch and not to be missed. In fact they are offering a full 3 day trial to their members area for only $1.95! Not to sound pushy on you guys but when there is a sweet deal available I like to mention it. You can download a shit load of perfect tits videos in 3 days!!

Either way make sure you click over at Huge Boobs Galore and check Tyra Moore out!

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Meet Hanna Hiltons Perfect All Naturals

September 4th, 2008

Hanna Hilton huge perfect tits 2Hanna Hilton huge perfect tits 2Hanna Hilton huge perfect tits 3

Lately every time I make a blog post I think to myself, there is no way I am going to be able to top this post, this girl’s tits are just to perfect etc… But I feel I’ve just done it again with Hanna Hilton!

Hanna with her sexy short bleached blond hair and that hot face. But of course her biggest asset is those huge perfect tits of hers! Yes they are all natural and let me say that those babies really shake while she’s getting fucked. Her amazing boobs turn me on so much that I just had to get a video to post so that you guys can all check out her perfect tits in action!

This video is from Real Wife Stories, let me just say that the site has amazing content and quality! Almost all those girls featured have giant breasts that us men sure love ;)
The full length video that the following trailer is taken from is simply brilliant! It’s has Hanna as the wife who’s gets tired of her husband not fucking her when she wants it. So she starts an affair with her workout instructor, it’s some good shit! You have to click over to Real Wife Stories and watch Hanna Hiltons free trailer there… It’s funnier than the one I posted. Check it out before it’s gone.

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More of Amy Reids Perfect Tits

August 27th, 2008

amy reids perfect tits

If your a regular to this site you might recognize the perfect tits of Amy Reid. I featured her back a few months and even though there are hundreds of hot girls that I have yet to post, once I came across the above picture, I just had to post this chicks perfect tits again!

Amy Reid along with her perfect tits is definitely marriage material… She’s what I’d call a 10 out of 10 or 100 out of 100. Her 34 Double D’s are so perfect and all natural. She’ll take a huge cock in her ass. Loves having her huge tits slapped while she’s getting fucked nice and hard. She’ll take on 2 or more dudes and she also loves the ladies! What more could you want?

I found this perfect shot and the other pictures at Big Tits Round Asses. Your going to love seeing her topless on that beach in front of all the people on that beach! Watch how she gets all hot and horny at the beach and then wants so bad to get back to that dudes place so she can get his big cock deep inside her.

Amy Reid perfect tits 2Amy Reid Perfect Tits 3Amy Reid Perfect Tits 4

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Edo with her perfect tits

August 14th, 2008

These amazing tits belong to Edo one of the many girls of DDF Busty.
I don’t have too many details about this hot gal for you this time, so keep me posted and if you know any more about Edo. There is something about skinny framed girls with huge all natural perfect tits that always gets me an instant hard on! I mean take a look at these pictures of Edo, she’s got a sexy long slender frame on that body of hers…

Probably my favorite picture below is the third picture below. Something about when a girl cups her own huge perfect tits. I guess the reason I like that so much is that if I was a chick I’d be hanging on to my big perfect tits and playing with them all the time! Come on you know you would too…

I know you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t into huge gorgeous tits. So if you have never checked out DDF Busty or if it has been longer than a few days, make sure you check them out! They update very often and have the hottest chicks with perfect tits your going to find. Oh yeah they also have lots of sample videos of all the girls that you will want to check out!

edo with perfect titsedo with perfect titsedo with perfect tits

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edo with perfect titsedo with perfect titsedo with perfect tits

Christina has some great tits!

July 10th, 2008

Click here for Christina’s and 85 other girls full length video

I’ve gotten a few emails requesting some more videos, like the one from Jon in the UK that reads “Love your Perfect Tits blog I’ve bookmarked it and visit often, but if you could do me a big favor and post a full motion video with a huge pair of tits shaking and bouncing up and down. There’s nothing better then seeing a pair of perfect tits in real motion!”

Well Jon this post is for you. But just so you guys know, these videos chew up a bunch of my server bandwidth which ends up costing me more money. So if you like a video or picture set on my blog please click on my links and join the site/sites. Everyone site I link to is a very high quality site featuring only perfect tits. I also get paid a small percentage every time someone joins and that’s what helps me to pay for this sites server fees… Blah Blah Blah ok just wanted to say that, I’ll shut up now so I can get this video posted :)

This video features Christina from the site Prime Cups. I’ve made a couple other posts with girls from Prime Cups and you guys always seem to love them… I know I’d fuck any of the 85 girls on that site in a heartbeat!! Let me add that all 85 have a set of huge perfect tits.. They also feature 1080p HD videos! With that kind of quality you know the girls have to be flawless…

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Perfect Tits of Whitney Stevens

July 1st, 2008

Whitney Stevens showing her perfect tits

I just came across a new big but perfect tit site that I wanted to share with you guys. The site is Heavy Handfulls , and the domain name can’t be any more fitting. Check out the site and your going to find only real big tits on hot women. The creators of the site really know how to get those big natural tits bouncing and a flapping in every video they create.

Ok the girl above is Whitney Stevens and the pictures are featured at Heavy Handfulls. Whitney started in porn in 2006 and is the younger sister of porn star Britney Stevens (Next post I might have to bring you her sister) . Whitney claims her all natural perfect tits measure a 34D. But those perfect tits look more like at least a 34DD to me. Check out the second picture below and see her taking a big cock. My crop program cut that part off, ouch! :)

Guys to see all of Whitney Stevens, Click Here.

Whitney Stevens sucking her huge titsWhitney Stevens getting fuckedWhitney Stevens perfect titsWhitney Stevens huge tit fuck

Perfect Tits Welcomes Brandy Taylor

June 25th, 2008

Brandy taylor perfect tits fuckinh

The guys over and Busty & Real have really got a hold of some talent! These are the perfect tits of non other than Brandy Taylor, shown here getting her sweet pussy pounded by one lucky stranger!! And let me also say that those are 36DDD tits that you are seeing.

Brandy was born in Ohio where she attended Catholic school before modeling nude and then switching over to hardcore porn. But not before getting her parents approval first! What?!? She actually asked her parents? I find that a little strange but not near as crazy as her parents giving her approval! Wow why can’t more parents be like this with their daughters… especially the ones with big perfect tits like Brandy’s got.

Brandy only stands 5’2″ but her tits measure 36DDD, you read that right not double but triple D (before starting this blog about perfect tits I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a cup size DDD). Since 2004 Brandy Taylor has been fucking like a rabbit making lots of videos for all us big tit lovers! But out of all the videos I’ve seen Brandy perform in, the one that really stands out is the video that these pictures are taken from. The site is Busty & Real click and check the site out, that’s the place to see Brandy’s perfect tits flapping in the air…


Brandy posing with huge perfect tits Brandy Taylor fucking with huge tits

Perfect Tits from DDF Busty

June 16th, 2008

Katarina\'s massive cleavage

The guys over at DDF know where to find the chicks with perfect tits! Just look at the size of those suckers. This is Katarina a gorgeous blonde with all natural perfect tits that I’m pretty sure you can only find at DDF Busty. Please let me know if she goes by any other name/names and if I can find her somewhere else.

Judging by the look she gives us in these pictures, it looks like Katarina really enjoys teasing us! I think she needs a fat cock to go along with those huge tits in these pictures. Instead of that smile I’d love to see what her face looks like when she’s getting pounded from behind. Of course I wouldn’t mind seeing those perfect tits of hers hanging down while she’s getting pounded from behind either ;) Who knows maybe someone will be able to talk her into shooting a hardcore seen? If they do, you can count on me being the first to let you guys know…. Sorry guys I’m just extra horny right now and guess I’m taking it out on Katarina, lol. I should be thankful that she’s at least posing butt ass nude and even spreads her little pussy for us! In fact I’m printing out the 6th picture below (the one showing huge cleavage from her perfect tits) to hang in my garage…

DDF Busty Features Many More Pictures of Katarina, Check Them Out by clicking here…

katarina-huge-tits 7katarina-huge-tits 8katarina-huge-tits 10
katarina-huge-tits 12katarina-huge-tits 13katarina-huge-tits 16
katarina-huge-tits 3katarina-huge-tits 4

Exclusive Girl of Scorland: Karina Hart

June 12th, 2008

A while back I posted one of Scorelands exclusive girls Christy Marks, well today I got a hold of another one of their girls, Karina Hart. I know your going to love the look of Karina’s perfect tits!

Karina Hart was born in Slovakia and is living in the Czech Republic she is pretty new to the scene and I’m not able to find out much info about her. With natural tits the size of hers it’s only a matter of time till her info surfaces. Once I find out some more info I’ll be sure to make another post about her including more sexy pictures of those huge natural perfect tits of hers.

If you don’t want to wait you can always visit Score-land to see more of Karina. Score land is a site that specializes in nothing but huge natural tits. Some are perfect, some not so perfect but every girl featured is guaranteed to have enormous tits! They also update very often… I wish I knew how they find these girls!


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