Lavish Styles has perfect black tits

June 6th, 2008

Lavish Styles has perfect tits
Sorry it’s been like a week since I posted… This should be the longest this blog with ever go without an update. I have relatives visiting me and it’s not easy searching the net to find hot chicks with perfect tits with someone starring over your shoulder :(

Today I came across yet another skinny frame with big perfect tits! Her name is Lavish Styles and she is featured on Big Tits Round Asses. According to that site Lavish just got dumped by her boyfriend and was looking for a way to get back at him. Since he was always watching big perfect tit porn she wanted to make some porn of her own, knowing that he would find out!

How could some dude dump a chick like Lavish Styles? Those perfect tits and her perfect smile, I also love that sexy hairstyle of hers :) You need to check out the video, it starts out on some exotic beach with Lavish wearing that sexy white bikini in these pictures… But the video features Lavish of course with some lucky stud that she fucks and sucks hardcore! The best part of the video is that they focus on her big tits throughout the video. Always zooming on them, SLOW MOTION of her shaking those perfect tits… Make sure you check it out guys I know you’ll like it. There’s also a free trailer available as of the time of this posting. Click here and Check it Out!

Lavish Styles huge titsLavish Styles huge titsLavish Styles huge tits 3Lavish Styles huge titsLavish Styles huge tits

Priya Rai and her perfect tits

May 30th, 2008

Priya Rai-perfecttits4

This gorgeous lady is Priya Rai, her full picture set along with a free teaser video can be found at Mommy Got Boobs. This women is just so damn elegant, sexy, and slutty. The perfect face, perfect tits, perfect skin… Ok you already know that from the pictures.

Priya Raywas born in New Delhi, India. Her parentsbrought her to America when she was only 2 years old. She’s under 5 feet 3 inches and weighs 98 pounds. Yes, she is petite; but not in the tits department, She made sure of that! Well, you already knew that without me telling you. In case you wonder, her measurements are 34D-24-34.

Priya started her career as a glamour model before making the move to hardcore porn, now that she made the move I started searching the net for where I can find her hardcore action. I found one! Here’s a great web site with Priya’s hardcore fucking… Click here for more Priya Rai

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Perfect Black Tits 36DDD

May 28th, 2008

Stacey has perfect tits

Our first pair of black perfect tits that we have posted so far! And you can bet it won’t be that last.
This is Stacey from Big Naturals, her perfect tits measure 36DDD that’s right all natural triple D’s baby! WOOP WOOP!! Her over all measurements are 36DDD-32-36. Those big tits are almost to much for that size frame of hers. But who the fuck is complaining :) I think Stacey’s haircut / style is pimpin’ and she has a very pretty face to go with it don’t you think?

Ok take a second from this site and go on over to big naturals and check out her full length video. I’ve included a few screen captures from the video below. What do you think of that doggy style photo? Imagine how much those perfect tits sway back and forth on the video. I’m more a tit man then a butt man but that ass sure is perfect too! You just know she can take that whole cock balls deep…

Imagine titty fucking Stacey, WOW I’d lose my cock inside her massive cleavage. The dude in the picture has a big dick but it sure looks small next to those perfect tits of Staceys. Damn these titty fucking pictures just don’t do the actual video any justice. You’ll have to see the actual video from Big Naturals by clicking here.

Huge perfect titsStacey\'s perfect titsStacey with a cock perfect titsStacey loves cock between her perfect tits

Christy Mark and her 38G tits

May 22nd, 2008

Christy Marks perfect tits

Yep those are all natural perfect tits, 38G to be exact… Guys this is Christy Mark who is now an exclusive model for Scoreland. She was born in October of 1988 making her 20 at time of writing this and got her start from an old boyfriend posting pictures of her under the name Jerri Monet. The site Big Naturals was the first to get her into porn where she did a hardcore threesome… but man was she ever under the influence of something heavy. She’s has since gotten off the drugs, changed her name and as I said earlier is now one of three girls who are exclusive to Scoreland.

Christy Mark’s perfect tits sure are amazing aren’t they? Here is another case where they just seem too big to be real. Especially when you consider the size of her frame. I think each tit is actually the same size as her whole head!?! And look at those nipples they are also perfect on those big naturals of hers… No doubt Christy has great potential and with her exclusive contract she will really make a name for herself in the industry especially the huge boob niche.

Christy Marks fully clothedChristy Marks showing perfect titsChristy Marks showing tit

Karma, huge perfect tits or what?

May 21st, 2008

karma showing cleavagekarma huge tit cleavage

I came across Karma at a site I almost forgot about, big tits round asses. For some reason she just jumped out of the page at me. Maybe it was her enormous natural perfect tits, or maybe that very cute face of hers. Some times it’s great to see a hot girl that fits the girl next door profile. I think Karma does just that. Not that I’ve ever been lucky enough to have a hot girl with huge perfect tits actually live anywhere near me :( What do you guys think?

Karma is only 20 and you could tell she was shy and innocent acting doing this video and picture shoot. Although if you watch her video or see the rest of the picture set (by clicking here) you’ll get to see those huge natural tits of hers slapping back and forth and bouncing up and down… she also sucks a mean cock and loves a hard cock deep inside her…

I wasn’t able to get any pictures of Karma’s sweet little pussy in action so if your ready to see it I posted this link that will take you right there.

karma laying on sideKarma posing nude

Katrin’s enormous all natural tits

May 15th, 2008

I just had to post this video for you guys, as any pictures just wouldn’t do justice. This is one hot video! I love watching the way Katrin plays with her huge tits. Check out the way Katrin juggles her all natural perfect tits that part gets me so hard! I’ve watched this clip several times before I downloaded Katrin’s full length video. Her E cup tits look so damn good on that frame off hers. I love the way she really shows off and flaunts her boobs. She doesn’t have to be told or wait for the cameraman to shake them, she knows just what her viewers want to see! I’m a member to primecups and I can’t recommend the site enough. If you truly love big tits then you gotta at least check the site out. What’s really cool about them is the amount of free sample videos they have. Videos just like the one I posted, and with an unbelievable amount of hot girls… I don’t have a clue how they find all these girls!

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Evie’s got a pair of perfect G cups

May 12th, 2008

Today I bring you some of the biggest tits I have posted. Evie sports a perfect set of G cup tits. And I spotted her here at this site. How many of you readers have actually felt a pair of jugs this size? I sure the fuck haven’t. I’d probably have a hard time even lifting one of Evie’s breasts! Could you imagine if this was your girlfriend… Would you get jealous every time you introduce her and all you see is your buddy’s eyes staying straight at her tits. I don’t think it would be possible to look Evie in the eyes, your eyes would automatically just focus right on her huge perfect tits.

Evie huge cleavage tit fuckevie giving perfect bj

Are these tits unbelievable or what? That’s a huge cock that dude has and look how those giant tits just smother it, my little cock would get lost in there! Damn it I want to feel those suckers in my hands so fucking bad I can taste them! I knew I should have jerked off before writing this post, my concentration gets all fucked up when I need to cum… If only I had a huge pair of boobs to bust my load all over.

Ok here’s my favorite picture!!! Just look at those babies hanging!!! Your missing out on the full effect that her video has to offer. Imagine if this picture started moving, those giant all natural tits swaying back and forth….

evie getting doggy

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Hardcore Natural Big Tit Fucking

May 8th, 2008

I went and searched for hours today. I was looking for the perfect girl of the day, one with a skinny frame and enormous all natural tits. Wait a minute isn’t that what I pretty much search for everyday? lol Well yeah but today I was in need of some raunchy anal action. With one hand on my cock and the other on my mouse I searched and searched… and hit the jackpot with this site,

And now I bring you Annanikova! Just look at that young sexy face! She looks so sweet and innocent kinda like a hot girl next door, well at least in the face. You ain’t going to find any body like this in the girl next door!!! I mean just look at that frame and the way those huge naturals hang perfectly from it!

So Annanikova’s body is near perfect… I wanted someone today that would suck, fuck, and beg for anal!! Well as you can see I’ve hit the mother load! Or in this case, I’ve just cum the motherload! Check out these next few shots from Extreme Naturals, just look at that face while she’s slurping that dick. And make sure you click that last picture so you get a nice closeup of that hard cock going up her ass.

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Four Perfect Tits?

May 7th, 2008

Hey guys, today I came across something I have yet to post, how’s about two pairs of giant knockers at the same time? Yeah I know… imagine being in the room with both of these gals at the same time! It would be boobie overload!! Come on 4 perfect tits and only two hands, I’d have my mouth sucking a third but that would leave an available boob and we just couldn’t have that! :)

Seriously though these two chicks I just found amazingly hot and sexy. Look at their pefect skinny frames and then “bam” huge knockers on both of them, what a rare thing to find in real life huh? Thank god for the internet where my two girls with the most amazing bodies fantasy can be played out…

I got these pictures from this site (take a sec and check it out) where I jerked off to the 30 min video featuring these two sex magnets. The video is super hot and starts off with Avva coming over to Molly’s for a secretary job. Where’s shes told that the job description involves doing and getting pretty much anything that Molly asks. Avva takes the job and I think you can figure out what Molly needed Avva to do first….. and second…. and third… lol FUCK if only I was rich I’d have me several secretaries! These ladies are both very experienced and sucking titties, licking pussy, and inserting dildos. Here’s a couple shots from when the action really starts heating up… I think I already blew my load by this point :)

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Simi’s pair of amazing natural breasts

May 5th, 2008

Well guys, do I have a treat for you and I’m sure your going to love this! I came across a smokin’ hot brunette that is fresh to the porn scene. Her name is Simi and along with over a hundred other chicks with huge natural tits, she can be found at PrimeCups. What do you guys think about her? I don’t even have to hit play on the video, I could stare at the first picture all fucking day! Look at those sexy eyes and lips… And then that cleavage! But your going to have to click the video to play it so that you can see how that skinny frame of hers makes her already big tits look even bigger! And what about that sexy black mini skirt and those fishnet stockings? You know you’d give anything for a night with this chick, I’d give my left nut for one round with this babe… I mean just look at the size and shape of those perfect tits of hers! They almost seem like they have to be fake right?!? Good thing I was able to come up with a sample video that you guys are for sure going to want to watch. Even if your on dialup your going to want to wait on this vid to load.

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